Great Used Trucks at Amazing Prices!

We Have the Used Trucks You’re Looking For

Everybody needs a truck!  Whether you use it for towing, hunting, hauling, or just picking up things at the hardware or furniture store, everyone needs a truck at some time or other.  And let’s face it – trucks aren’t cheap!  In particular, new trucks can be pricey.

So buying a used truck is often a great alternative.   Trucks tend to hold their value, so even a used truck will run a little higher than a used sedan, but have you ever tried to haul a dresser or mattress in a sedan?  Yes, you need a truck.

That’s where we come in.  We have a great selection of used trucks at prices you  will not find anywhere else.  Whether you’re looking for an older higher mileage truck that you can use to run through the woods to your favorite fishing hole, or a later model lower mileage truck that you can use for hauling and also for going out to dinner, we are here for you.

Perhaps you need a good work truck that can stand up to the rigors of heavy loads and rough terrain.   Once again, you’re at the right place.  But you need to take the first step.  You need to get in touch with us and come by to see our great selection.

What Type of Truck Do You Need?

There are so many styles and options with pickups that you need to decide a few things before shopping.  Below is a quick overview of the sorts of questions you should ask yourself, but for a more complete guide, see our Used Truck Buying Tips.

First, you obviously need to know what you are planning to use  the truck for.  Is this something you will use just on the weekends for fishing or hunting trips? Or is this going to be used as your primary source of transportation?

Do you plan to tow a boat or trailer?  If so, how much weight will you be towing?

Will you be using your truck primarily just for you and maybe one passenger, or do you need something can fit your family in?

Will you be carrying items in the bed that need to stay dry?  If so, will a tarp suffice, or should you consider a a more permanent solution like a cap/topper or tonneau cover?  (Just a note, it is NOT pronounced “tuna” cover!)

Also, how many miles will you be putting on the vehicle?  Will you be just running around Savannah and the surrounding area, or will you be frequently driving your used pickup truck to Charleston or Jacksonville or further?

As you can see, you need to think about how you will be utilizing your used truck before running out to purchase one.  Of course, we can assist you in determining what will best fit your needs.  And don’t forget to take a look at our tips for buying used trucks.