Buying a Used F-150

Buying a Used F-150

Buying a used F-150 in Savannah is a fairly easy process as long as you know where to go and what to look for. The “where to go” part is easy, just come see us. This article will cover what to look for when buying a used F-150.

The Ford F-150 has been the top selling pickup truck in the country for quite some time now. That means there is also a huge supply of used F-150s on the road. Ford’s first consumer pickup truck came out in 1948, and is the forerunner to the F-150. It has been through a dozen or more redesigns since that time.

Year Models Info for Buying a Used F-150Buying a Used F-150

The “10th generation” 1997 model marked a complete overhaul as Ford recognized that more and more people were using pickups for more than just work trucks. The F-150, while still suitable for work, began offering more options of a passenger vehicle, while the heavy duty F-250s and F-350s were designed more conservatively for work customers.

This 10th generation model was the first to add a rear door as the F-150 became more and more a passenger vehicle. A wider variety of engines were available, and the traditional inline 6 cylinder was replaced with a V-. The body became more streamlined. While there are many older models still available, for the purpose of this article about buying a used f-150, we’ll focus on the 1997 and newer versions.

2004 (11th generation) marked another major change for the model, as Ford introduced an all new platform for the F-150. All were give 4 doors, regardless of the type of cab. The rear doors offered easy access to behind-the-seat storage even in models without a rear seat. A variety of options were added offering more passenger vehicle styling, and the 5.4L Triton V8 was introduced.

The 12th generation F-150s, beginning in 2009, went back to 2 doors on the Standard cab, and dropped the flare side beds in 2010. The manual transmission was also dropped that year in the US. Electronic Power Steering was introduced, and Ford also introduced a dedicated off road model, the Raptor, in 2010.

A major focus of the 12th generation was fuel economy. As consumers began demanding more miles per gallon with the higher price of gas, Ford introduced the EcoBoost models, and other engines became available. When buying a used F-150, keep in mind that 2009-2010 were the model years that fuel economy began improving.

2015 marked the start of the 13th generation Ford F-150s. The size of the vehicle remained the same, with minimal styling changes. The focus again was on improved fuel economy. The introduction of a smaller EcoBoost V6 contributed to this, but the biggest change was in weight. Nearly all sheet metal on the vehicle was changed for steel to aluminum, reducing the weight by nearly 750 lbs.

There are many choices available when buying a used F-150. Hopefully, the information above gave you some insight into the available options over different model years.

Whether you are interested in buying a used F-150, used Silverado or any other used trucks in Savannah, be sure to check with us first!

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